A beautiful driveway leads to a beautiful home

Your home is probably your greatest asset, and you’ve worked hard for it

Property in Britain is more expensive than ever, so when it comes to your new driveway you don’t want to take any chances.

You care about the impression your home makes on your friends, your family, and your neighbours, and you value quality and style.

You need to be certain that your new driveway is designed to enhance your home, built from the finest materials available and engineered to last.

Let’s be honest – the driveway business doesn’t enjoy the best reputation, with expensive, hard-sell national home improvement firms at one end and cheap fly-by-night operations at the other.

We think you deserve better.

So we founded The New Driveway Company, to bring a new level of professionalism, design and customer service to the homeowners of Britain.

We looked closely at the problems in our industry and built an entirely new model.

The result is that we promise you:

  • A fast response
  • Absolute peace of mind
  • Stereotype-defying craftsmen
  • True value for money
  • A streamlined service
  • No pushy salesmen
  • A truly personal service
  • Truly interactive design
How We've Transformed Driveways
The New Driveway Method

From initial consultation to project completion, we’re committed to delivering the driveway you want for your home



You’ll meet with one of our driveway specialists who will oversee your project from start to finish. He’ll take the time to fully understand what you want.



When you’re 100% happy with your choice of layout and surface options, you’ll get detailed plans and drawings.



We use only the best materials, and our team are true professionals who respect your home while crafting your driveway.

5 year warranty


We guarantee 100% satisfaction and all our work and materials are guaranteed for 5 years, giving you peace of mind.


Exterior Landscaping

In addition to driveways, we offer an exterior landscaping service to enhance the rest of your outside space in line with your new driveway.

Indian Sandstone Patios

Our patios come in a wide range of natural stone and concrete styles, colours and sizes.

Patios by New Driveway Company, Oxford and London

No rogue traders, just grand designs

We have a lot of happy clients, and we feature lots of them on this site,but take a look at these independent review sites to see for yourself how we’re changing the reputation of our industry – one driveway at a time.

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